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Julia Salinger, Donna Martin And Will Truman Are Coming Back To Television!! 18.Dec.2008

Oh to be NeveI don't really care about Donna Martin but I was always a fan of Party of Five and Will & Grace and I would love to see any of the actors from those shows on television and luckily I do with Debra Messing (The Starter Wife which is really good by the way), Matthew Fox (LOST), Jennifer Love Hewitt ( the stupid Ghost Whisperer except I hate her) and occasionally Scott Wolf (he usually manages to stay on a show for at least a few episodes before it gets cancelled.) But now there are rumors that Tori Spelling will be joining Shannen and Jennie on 90210 and Neve Campbell is slated to join the cast of the new show Philanthropy. Philanthropy sounds like a mix between Dirty, Sexy, Money and Cold Case. And then Eric McCormack will be on Trust Me which sounds like a modern day Mad Men which probably means there will be less constant drinking and smoking and blatant sexual harassment. Tori Spelling