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Rachel Uchitel To Do Celebrity Rehab To Cure Her Addiction To Married Dick 22.Jul.2010

Will do anything for money & attention: But what will she do when she gets old? Since when does f**king a famous married man make you a celebrity? And holy cow, has she has changed since the days when she made the front page of the New York dailies when her fiance was killed on 9/11. Nobody who knew that sweet, heartbroken girl back then recognizes her now: the perma-tan, the enhanced lips and tits ... the outright whorishness.

Last week it was announced that Rachel was joining Celebrity Apprentice, but I'd say some calls were made because suddenly that was denied, and a spot on Celebrity Rehab was confirmed instead. Huh. This girl doesn't have a substance abuse problem; she just can't stay off the peen. Especially when it's got a wife and kids waiting at home.

Surprisingly enough, Dr. Drew says he can fix that, too, giving her "genuine treatment for emotional issues". That's interesting. If I were Dr. Drew's wife I'd be a little concerned. And I'd make sure to show up on set for lunch every day. Bitch can't be trusted.