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Kevin Federline Warns Paris Hilton To Stay Away From Britney While He's Away From Sons On Their B-days 16.Sep.2008

Mortal enemies or kindred spirits? He may not be the best role model, but nobody knows a player like a player. And that's why Kevin took a moment from his all-night partying at the opening of Lavo, a new club/restaurant in Vegas, to warn Wonky to stay away from Britney now that she's on a relatively even keel.

He may have a point. Britney's notorious peek-o'-pink phase began when she hit the clubs with Paris, and precipitated a messy decline that cost her custody of her sons and her sanity. Everyone knows that Paris only hung out with Britney to prolong her moment in the spotlight; she was heard referring to her as "the animal" and made sure to dress her in the most garish outfits imaginable. Like this one. And this.

Britney's doing much better now, a year later, and is recording a new album, Circus, which is slated for release on her birthday, December 2. Let's hope she gives Wonky a wide berth.