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Manhattan Madam: Luv Guv Eliot Spitzer Liked Them Bareback And Gasping 11.Mar.2009

Eliot Spitzer was obviously a powerful man with some serious issues. Once he was governor, but just couldn't keep his dick in his pants. Now he's toiling anonymously as a commercial real estate investor in Washington, DC, kept well out of the public eye. Thanks to the Luv Guv, we have chaos in Albany and a spoiled bitch with a bad nose job (but a phenomenal bod, I will admit) has become a household name.

That hasn't stopped people from trying to cash in on the whole sordid mess. Manhattan Madam Kristin Davis (who looks more like a linebacker than a bordello babe) says that Eliot was once a client, but she had to cut him loose because he got too rough with her girls. The NY Daily News even has the story of Annie, who tells all about her date with Spitzer.

Annie says Spitzer took off everything but his socks, got all sweaty and became aroused by pushing around, then choking her. Not a fan of autoerotic asphyxiation, Annie managed to fight him off. Though he didn't "finish" Spitzer got dressed and left her a tip on the way out. And if that wasn't nasty enough, he also refused to wear a condom. I guess he wanted to be sure to bring a gift back home to his wife.