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New Couples Alert! Scarnolds And Natalie Portman And Some Guy! 09.Sep.2007

Ryan Reynolds and ScarlettSorry Andy Samberg. Those rumors about you and Natalie Portman were apparently false or the relationship was short-lived. I mean Andy is funny but that could get tiring after a bit (and did anybody see that Hot Rod movie? ). So now Natalie is dating Nathan Bogle, the co-founder of the Rag&Bone fashion line. Here they are cavorting at the US Open. The US Open basically got all the celebrity rejects from Fashion Week. I bet he is really fashionable but I bet his Sanjaya impression doesn't hold a candle to Andy. Your loss Natalie. Your loss. And little Miss Scarlett has done it again. She has gone and gotten herself another hottie. This time it is Ryan Reynolds. He always plays a pompous ass but I think he is actually a bit of a serious fellow. Though I doubt you can take Scarlett too seriously.Natalie and her new beau