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John Mayer Only Shags Really Stupid Women. What Do You Say About That, Jen Aniston? 30.Oct.2008

Care to explain yourself? Is it true, manly Malibu beach lady? Are you really stupid, or just milking a losing relationship for a little more prime time? Neither option sheds a very flattering light, does it?

According to British tabloid The Sun, the very talented Pink has named the much less talented John Mayer as her most hated celebrity. Those are mighty strong words, even for someone as bold as Pink. Why? Because John told her that he only shags really stupid women. Was that his way of telling her she was too good for him (because she is - almost all women are)? In other words, you're not dumb enough for me?

What will Jennifer's reaction be to this heartwarming bit of news? Just last week the tabloids were saying that Jen is pregnant and has proposed to her heavily-equipped cocksman. Then she was spotted out on a dinner date with Gerard Butler again. She's definitely up to something, and I don't think it has anything to do with dearly beloveds or diaper duty. She's just getting her face out there again. All this faux-romancing just proves that Jen is a better actress than we've given her credit for. In a few months (after her movies bomb) we'll be seeing her sadly strolling on the beach with Norman again. All. By. Her. Lonesome.