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Miley Enraged At Brangelina Oscar Snub, Thinks Brad Would Make Much Hotter Dad 24.Feb.2009

OK, not really. But it makes for a great headline, doesn't it?

What the hell was she doing at the Oscars anyway? Apparently, seeking upgrades to the parental units. If your parents are richer and more famous than you, do you still have to pay them?

Billy Ray and Leticia Cyrus have to be shaking in their shitkickers today. If Miley gets new parents they'll be out of jobs. With the lifestyle they've become accustomed to since Hannah Montana and the Mouse came into their lives, they've got a big nut to cover. If Miley ditches them they'll be penniless, out on the street, forced to let their chunky highlights grow out. The horror!

Even though her dutiful mother played chaperone for the evening, Miley was on a mission, searching high and low for Angelina. "I want to see Angelina Jolie. She is beautiful. She could adopt me if she wants to.? Sorry, Miley. Maddox would never allow it.