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Jerry Lewis Arrested For Carrying Gun In Airport. Can You Guess Where He Hid It? 30.Jul.2008

Time has not been kind to himHmmm ... could it be under Chin # 1 or Chin # 2? If I was airport security I'd be scared to look; everyone knows Jerry Lewis is not an easy guy to work with or for.

I guess he knows he's been a prick, so he travels with a gun. Actually it was a "hollowed out prop gun" he uses in his stage show, according to his rep. Wait, he still does a stage show? He's 82 years old. Don't tell me he's broke, too.

The police, however, say the gun they confiscated was not incapable of firing. If it was a prop and not dangerous, they wouldn't be able to charge him for carrying a concealed weapon. Worse yet, he's still in police custody. Did they find something else in his luggage? A rubber chicken maybe?