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Britney Spears, Moving Target: Latest Coup Attempt By Sam Lufti And Adnan Ghalib Struck Down 31.Jan.2009

Those who forget are doomed to repeat ...Drats! Foiled again! Talk about dastardly villains. Lufti's determination in particular is disturbing, because he's the one behind it all: pseudo-cousin Alli Sims, pseudo-lover Adnan, the never-ending gas station runs. He doped her. He immobilized her cars and disconnected her phones. He probably had her thisclose to signing over her entire fortune. And he's not about to go away so easily.

Last month Sam renewed his campaign to unseat Jamie Spears as Britney's conservator. He began calling and texting Britney, threatening to expose family secrets that he was making up as he went. He called lawyers, telling them Britney wanted to hire her own lawyers to contest the conservatorship. He even went so far as to text her hairdresser, saying he wasn't responsible for Britney's situation. He's also been trying to spread the alleged untrue information about Jamie and the family to anyone who will listen.

While all this was going on, Sam and Adnan were working on Britney every chance they could. (Why they were allowed to speak with her at all is a mystery.) They wanted her to give them power to file papers on her behalf so they could take over. Adnan was even conning her into telling him where she was going so he could send his paps there for pictures. Britney is said to be furious and wants them both thrown in jail. For now, she'll have to content herself with a restraining order. Oh, and she should probably stop taking their calls.