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Nice Try, She-devil: Kate Gosselin Goes For A Softer 'do, Does Little To Soften Death Glare 15.Sep.2009

Someone looks a little chunky ...Huh. Can't blame a girl for trying, I guess. I think it's nothing more than a few curls pinned up at the back, nothing too dramatic, but there's no hiding those eyes - the eyes of a woman who has no qualms about making a living exploiting her children and God help anyone who gets in her way.

Now that Jon and Hailey the Homewrecker have not in fact broken up, Kate is letting the world know she's not a happy woman. Unfortunately for her, nobody really cares anymore. Kate was griping just the other day that she doesn't paid enough to do what she does. $75,000 per episode hardly seems fair.

So Kate forges on, struggling with the day-to-day problems a typical single mother faces. Oh, wait. She's got nannies up the ying-yang. She's got stylists, makeup people, and a hunky security guard who'll throw her a bonin' every now and then. Why is it, then, that she looks like a possum stuck in a storm drain? I hope she's had her shots.