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Bradley Cooper, Spinster Specialist: From Maniston To Squinty In The Blink Of A Publicist 01.Jul.2009

What's she got that I don't? Someone's working really hard for Bradley Cooper. Have you noticed that his name is in the media a lot more lately? Even his latest dates are just huge cries for attention. Just last week he was spotted out with Jennifer Aniston. The tabloids went wild, her publicist didn't bother to deny anything, and everyone kinda held their breath for a minute: Could this finally be the one for the Great American Spinster? Alas, no. He's just a friend. He even says so. (If she had any hopes of bagging that one she can just hang it up.)

Bradley's sure not hanging it up, though. Still glowing from all those flashbulbs, he jumped right into another hot date, this time with good ol' Squinty, Renee Zellweger, another perennial loner. According to OK!, the pair was seen having a romantic dinner Tuesday night on the Upper East Side. Witnesses said she even picked up the tab! Good times!

Is there any future to this? It's hard to say. Since her awkward quickie marriage and divorce to that Chesney guy she's learned to keep a much lower profile romantically. She was seen out with Paul McCartney a couple times but he seems to have settled down with Nancy Shevell so she lost out on that one. Is she even looking? Possibly, but she'd never let on. Unlike other spinsters, she doesn't crave the attention so badly.