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Now That's Odd. Billy Corgan Is Smashing Pumpkins With Jessica Simpson 11.Dec.2009

Disarm you with a smile ...You've got to wonder how these two met. It's not like they travel in the same circles. But it is nice to see Jess dating again, even if it is another musician. You'd think she'd learn by now, but I guess it's a type she's after.

All the more reason her new relationship with the Great Smashing Pumpkin himself is kinda odd. She usually goes for those big, burly types with a full head of hair. I don't know how big Billy is, but he's definitely not burly.

Billy and Jess are said to be taking it slow, which would be good for her, I think. She needs to slow down and just have some fun with a guy instead of looking for marriage and commitment after just a month or two. As for Billy (who dated Courtney Love before Kurt Cobain), Jess could only be considered a step up from that kind of action. He's gotta put up with Papa Joe, though, so he's not getting off that easily.