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Oprah's Spending Too Much Time With Tom Cruise; Her Obscene Wealth Going To Her Head 14.May.2008

Doggone catastropheDoes this mean that Sophie and Gracie will always be on her mind? Ooh, that's dreadful. Sorry.

By the way, this was not Oprah's idea. It is entitled, "Memories of Sophie and Grace: A Puppies' Memorial". Are you yarking yet? It was created by Daniel Edwards, creator of the memorable Britney giving birth on the bearskin rug sculpture, as well as the Paris Hilton autopsy piece. This third-grade-level concept piece will open an exhibit later this month. Edwards says he "hopes to highlight 'the overlooked threat of accidental pet fatality by common household products.' "

Huh. That's interesting. I could've sworn that this is a prime example of the Google phenomenon, where artists looking to cash in or get free publicity simply add a famous name or face to their work to ensure a little buzz. It's phenomenally lame, but our society, unfortunately, seems to eat this shit up lately. It makes me want to kick Oprah and take her dogs home.