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Did A Pregnant Maniston Propose To Mayer? Her Publicist Would Sure Like You To Think So 25.Oct.2008

John said glasses will make me look smarterWhy would any self-respecting woman take back a man who not only reportedly cheated on her, but used her for publicity any chance he got? Even after she finally broke it off he milked it for a few more weeks. And yet still she allegedly drunk-dialed him, hounding him until he finally agreed to reconcile.

Was it his tender kisses, his romantic ways, or even his giant doorknocker? Hell, no. She's used to paying for it; she could easily specify her criteria when ordering.

And she is the one doing the ordering this time. She's confident that John learned his lesson during his time in the shadows, unphotographed and unwanted. It's not like he's got his music to fall back on. That shit's going nowhere. The only thing he's got going for him is the Maniston, and she's got a job to do. If she doesn't get any of her upcoming films to sell, her stint as an actress in demand may be behind her, as will her ability to command top dollar. Is she pregnant? I don't believe that for a second, but that doesn't mean she's not above using that rumor for publicity. It's all about publicity for her. Don't let that shy act fool you.