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Chris Brown Needs A Beatdown: Self-defense? A Book And Pr Tour? Brother, You're Trippin' 10.Mar.2009

Pigs Choice, maybeI've said it before and I'll say it again. Piece of shit punk asshole. Oh, yeah, and Oprah Winfrey, you should be ashamed of yourself trying to pander to this predator for the sake of ratings. You ain't rich enough?

Chris Brown's spin monkeys are at it again. They're saying that Chris only beat Rihanna unconscious because she caught him f**king around and went off on him. Even if that's true, it doesn't give him a right to beat her. And if she attacked him, where are/were his injuries? Guess what? He had none.

This is the guy who used to make fun of her accent when she wasn't around. This is the guy who belittled her every chance he got because she was the bigger star. And this is the guy who tipped off the paps to their "secret" reunion getaway. You know, the one where he frolicked in the sun while she waited for the swelling and bruises to fade. Now he's talking about writing a book and doing a PR tour about domestic abuse: How to Beat Your Girl Down and Get Away With It? When In Doubt Choke Her Out? Please.

Can you believe this POSPA (see above) has the balls to say he hopes he wins a Kids Choice Award? Kudos once again to Nickelodeon for promoting such outstanding role models for our kids. I hope to GOD that the Los Angeles DA does a better job of prosecuting this case than it did with OJ.