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Two And A Half Rehabs: Brooke Mueller Bolts From The Canyon After They Sell Her Down The River 22.Feb.2010

Yikes. Like this poor girl hasn't been through enough: A drunken Christmas coke binge lands her husband in jail; he's in and out and back with his family and where's Brooke? In rehab. Maybe justly so, but what about him? Why is he allowed to escape scrutiny? Because his last name is I'll be back, bitchesSheen.

Mrs. Sheen fled from the rehab where she's been for the last couple of weeks, some place called The Canyon (can you hear the echo? echo? echo? ) earlier today under ugly circumstances. Apparently a staff member at this facility made a copy of her admission papers and tried to sell it to the highest bidder. Brooke's lawyer says they plan to sue and will press charges as well against the perpetrator. And rightly so - nothing could be more intensely private, so shameful, as whatever brought Brooke to rehab. What a terrible, thoughtless breach of confidentiality. She may end up being able to afford to divorce Charlie after all.

Brooke's lawyer went on to state that she is now "in a private, more secure, confidential environment" now, and will continue her recovery. I hope the Scientologists didn't get her. They did such a good job with Jeff Conaway and all ...