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Here Come The Guest-stars!! Elizabeth Banks And Ed Norton On Modern Family And Will Arnett On Parks & Rec 18.Nov.2009

Elizabeth on Modern FamApparently November is the month of guest-stars because it pretty much marks the time when shows are starting to run out of it funny plots that just involve the regular casts so instead they have to write elaborate storylines that allow for a famous person to be on the show to bring up the ratings. This week kicked off nicely with Miss Heather Locklear herself reprising her role as Amanda Woodward on Melrose Place. The bitch is back and she is still hot and still wearing hot outfits. And she did her job by giving Melrose a significant boost in the ratings which believe it or not Ashlee Simpson was just not doing. Modern Family is also hitting up their celeb connections even though they are doing just fine in the ratings and being called the funniest new show of the season. Elizabeth Banks will be on tonight? s episode as the gay couple? s slightly crazy BFF. And Edward Norton will also be on either tonight or next week? s episode. That guy is a friggin? Oscar nominee! And it was just reported that funnyman Will Arnett will be doing a multi-episode arc on his wife? s show, Parks and Recreation. Will is hilarious and it is about time they got him on the show. It would be awesome if he came on as Gob Bluth but that is probably not happening. But we know anytime Amy and her husband match up it is comic genius. Just look at their performances on Arrested Development and the classic Blades of Glory. Parks and Rec castWill