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Holy Shrink Wrap: Courtney Love's Screamin' Tight New Face. Good Work Or Good Drugs? 02.Nov.2010

CreakWoo! She certainly looks ... startled here, doesn't she? She's got that patented someone's-on-the-roof crackhead stare down cold. Oh, I know Courtney hates to be called a crackhead. And maybe she isn't smoking crack. She's probably one of those strung-out hypocrites who claim they're not on drugs because their shit comes from a doctor.

Whatever her source, it's gotta be potent stuff, because Courtney just continues to amaze us with her wacky antics, whether it's her almost unreadable crack tweets, her periodic claims of embezzlement and theft when she gets overdrawn, or her bitter and contentious history with both the family members and bandmates of her late husband, Kurt Cobain. In no uncertain terms they all hate the bitch, probably not without reason (remember the lunchbox? ). Even her own daughter has abandoned her, sadly. I think Court means well, but she can't help but alienate people with her weirdness. Girl is out there.

But every once in a while she makes an effort to clean up, at least for a bit, and she almost looks decent. And she's not shy about the cosmetic surgery she's had, so it's not unusual for Court to disappear for a couple months and come back looked shinier, tighter, but this? This is scary. It looks like her face is too tight for her to close her lips. The big gerbil pupils probably don't help, either. Yikes.