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Hallelujah! Melrose Place Has A Chance To Make It Now That Mischa Flunked Her Audition 14.Mar.2009

I'm a big star, you knowIf she even remembered to go. After all, she thought she could just walk in and have the part of her choosing. You know, because she still thinks she's some kind of actress. She couldn't act her way out of a wet paper bag. The OC was a fluke and nothing more.

But Mischa doesn't live in the real world. She doesn't care if no one else understands her "talent". As long as she's got her bag of goodies and a bar tab she's a happy camper. I bet she's still kicking herself that she didn't take that Gossip Girl gig, but I'm sure the producers are much relieved. Having that hag on their show would have been the kiss of death.

Speaking of, I wonder who Mischa's shagging these days. Not even the D-list want her for anything except a little publicity. They probably don't make enough to keep up with her habits anyway. Her parents must be sick of supporting her, too, but they've got their hands full with Hania so she's getting a pass. Hopefully they'll get her into a rehab before she bleeds them dry, too.