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Two And A Half Beatings: Will Denise Testify Against Charlie In Aspen? 01.Mar.2010

Don't worry, Charlie. I only want to helpWhen they were divorced a few years back, Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards fought about everything, a no-holds-barred, mudslinging battle to the death. But they may have buried the hatchet - word is that Denise was the one who first raised the alarm about Charlie's recent relapse. Depending on how he's doing with his recovery, he may or may not be grateful.

Denise may now be compelled to testify against Charlie in the Aspen Christmas domestic violence case. According to TMZ, the DA in the case is reaching out to Denise's lawyers about a declaration she signed against Charlie back in '05. It should be noted that she only signed this declaration under penalty of perjury, but it is damning nonetheless: In it she describes an incident with Charlie where he pushed her while she was holding their daughter, Lola, cursed her out and threatened to have her killed. Brooke must be crushed; she thought she was the only one who got Charlie all hot and bothered like that. Ha! Not even close.

What does this mean for Charlie's current case? Well, for one thing, it means that the Pitkin County DA is taking this case very seriously in spite of Sheen's celebrity status. I'm not up on the law, but I would think that if they can prove Charlie is a habitual abuser (and rest assured, he is) he might even face some real jail time ... and perhaps even jeopardize his show. If he can't be there to film they'll either have to replace him or shut it down. I doubt that will happen, though. He'll probably walk. Again.