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Conan Shouldn't Get Too Worked Up. Jay Leno Is So Not Ready To Retire 29.Feb.2008

I don't want to go home yetIt's not like he's an old man. He's only in his 50s, and has plenty of good years left. Johnny Carson was in his 60s when he said good night for good, and we all never quite got over his parting.

But Jay? I don't think I'm alone in saying that I never quite warmed up to him as the host of Tonight. He's got some good monologue, some pretty good jokes, but he's just not the King of Late Night TV, which Carson indisputably was. He was smart enough to leave at the top of his game, but we would have let him stay on forever.

Not so much Leno, or Conan either, for what it's worth. The late night host with the best chance of filling Johnny Carson's shoes? Jimmy Kimmel. He's a frickin' riot, and he's got the clout already. There's your late night legend in the making.