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Who's Your Daddy Now? David Hasselhoff Prevails Over Drunken Hamburger Debacle 19.Jun.2007

He looks like his ass is cold.

C'mon. It's the Hoff. Did you think it would turn out any other way? We're talking Knight Rider here.

After a vicious and protracted divorce and custody battle, David Hasselhoff finally has something to look forward to besides residual checks. David now has full custody of his two daughters from his marriage to Pamela Bach. When the infamous video of the Hoff drunkenly glomming down a burger while laying on the floor hit the waves, he lost his visitation rights for two weeks. Hasselhoff has long suspected his ex of leaking it to the media.

A nasty court skirmish ensued, with allegations of physical abuse, drug and alcohol abuse and anything that wasn't nailed down being hurled back and forth. Finally, primary custody was awarded to David, allegedly because Pamela refused to submit to drug testing and get anger management therapy.

Let's go get some ice cream, Princess.Hasselhoff is overjoyed, and is looking forward to hopefully spending his glorious, blessed days on the beach with his family. But don't be so quick to count Pamela out. She's fired Debra Opri and seems poised to appeal the decision.