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Why Is Crazy Paula Having Trouble Getting Along With Kara? I Hear Painkillers Make You Cranky 02.Apr.2009

Shades of Winehouse: What's she got up in that hair? Hey, she's in a tough spot. Her spot on the judge's panel has lasted this long because she's the best train wreck in town. No one knows for sure what she's on or what she'll say next.

So it's no surprise she's having trouble getting along with the new fourth judge, Kara. There is no love lost between these two. Paula feels threatened - and rightly so, since she could be replaced if she becomes too much of a liability. After a while the producers will get sick of scraping her up off the floor and give her the boot.

And what will become of the Vicodin poster girl? She can't act or sing, and she's a little old to be a Laker girl again. How will she afford the lifestyle (and medications) to which she is accustomed? Maybe she'll create her own perfume - Eau de Percoset, or Darvon Mist.