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Mischa Barton Still Has No Friends, And Won't Make Them At Law & Order: Svu 20.Jan.2010

But I'm a profeshionalIt wasn't such a big deal, just seven lines. That's like breakfast to Mischa. And everyone kept wondering why, when they said, "Your line, Mischa," she'd run back to her trailer.

Seriously, Mischa's little dramatic turn as a knocked-up streetwalker on Law & Order:SVU is not going to get her any new jobs. I actually wondered how she got this gig, since her reputation for being a stuck-up little bitch and unprepared for her roles is so well-known. Numerous sources say that Mischa's little seven-line scene took an entire ten-hour day to film. The cast and crew were ready to push her in front of a speeding bus.

So what's the deal with Mischa? Is it the drugs and alcohol again? She has looked rather bleary-eyed lately, and she's certainly bloating like a puffer fish. I'd say she needs to get her shit together, but ya know what? I'm sick of saying it. Bitch needs to pack up and drag her sorry ass home. We're kinda sick of the whole thing.