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Coldplayin' Around: Is Chris Martin Cheating On Gwyneth ... With Kate Bosworth? 03.Nov.2009

Look! You can count her ribsWow. Does this mean that Fishsticks is going to admit that her absolutely perfect life is not so perfect? Probably not. She will admit to nothing, because she's better than all of us, remember?

I was skeptical when I first read about a possible thing between Chris Martin and Kate Bosworth. They were reportedly spotted openly making out at a U2 concert a couple of weeks ago in Las Vegas. That's pretty bold. Did they think they wouldn't be recognized, or did they just not give a shit?

Chris and Gwyneth have allegedly had some problems in their marriage, but appear to have worked things out. Or maybe not. From what I understand, Kate has a thing for men that belong to others. Maybe Chris just has a thing for scrawny, pasty blonds.