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Farrah Was Surrounded By Parasites In Her Last Days, And They Were Horny 16.Jul.2009

Stick up yer dukes!She was dying. Her family was in utter turmoil - arrests, rampant violence and drug abuse - and there was nothing she could do about it. And to make matters worse, the vultures were circling - and they weren't even willing to wait until she was gone.

While scumbag douche O'Neal was telling the world how much he loved Farrah, behind the scenes he was scrambling to cash in any way he could. He even tried to keep her alive and conscious long enough to find someone sick enough to marry them so he would be her legal heir. He put together a documentary about Farrah's fight against cancer with the help of Farrah's "best friend", Alana Hamilton. He was also allegedly caught in bed with said best friend. In the very next room. By Farrah's father! Now that's a bona fide piece of shit.

This is not entirely uncorroborated. In Touch says Ryan's son, Griffin, says it's true; maybe that's why Ryan would let him into the funeral. Making matters worse, the Farrah documentary was nominated for an Emmy. If they can take Chris Brown off the Kids' Choice Awards, they can un-nominate this movie, too, so that these despicable people cannot profit any longer from their manipulations. No wonder all of his children have or have had substance abuse issues.