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Huge Catfight On The View Is Nothing Compared To What Happened Backstage 23.Oct.2008

There will be buckets o' bloodThis according to venerable Left Coast blog Defamer, whose sources are unimpeachable and whose prose is superb. The ladies of The View are strapping on ... aw, hell, we're not sure what they're strapping on. But lately their soundstage sounds more like the cat room at the local pound.

This week's bout? Scrawny Republican conservative and general dipshit Elisabeth Hasselback has taken to screaming meaningless political rhetoric at my favorite View lady, Joy Behar. Little Lizzie Hasselcrack has taken offense at Joy's on-air plugs for her stand-up show - which by the way, is outstanding and well worth it. Maybe she's still having flashbacks from Star's prenuptial blitz. But Joy is no Star Jones, and she's certainly not Sherri, and she's not about to put up with it.

Still pissed about the McCain shirt Elisabeth wore earlier this week, Joy screamed at her, "If you do that again I will burn you down." When Elisabeth started to sputter and whine, Joy yelled, "Shut the f**k up!" and stormed off. Priceless!

The best part of this juicy little tale is that no one came to console the little princess as she whimpered and sobbed, all alone against the big bad liberals. How long will she last on the show? I say it'll be a miracle if she makes it to Election Day.