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Taylor Momsen Takes Extended "leave Of Absence" From Gossip Girl 25.Nov.2010

Taylor MomsenHmmm. Maybe it is because the writers felt they did everything they could with her character or maybe it is because Taylor Momsen is extremely scary. The rumors floating around are that there are creative differences between her and the producers and writers. Creative differences is code for Shannon Doharty syndrome. Taylor and Shannon are quite similar actually. They have both worked since they were kids (Shannon on Little House on the Prarie, Taylor in How the Grince Stole Christmas) and then starred on hit shows about white, rich kids with real problems that shot them to stardom. Shannon was known for being a bitch and got fired after three seasons. Taylor has made it to four seasons but just barely and she wears a ridiculous amount of eye-makeup so Shannon wins. Taylor has said she wants to concentrate on her music career with her band The Pretty Reckless. If by music career does she mean moaning and prancing around on stage in fishnet stockings and occasionally flashing the audience then she is set. At least Shannon never attempted a singing career.