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The Gossip Girls And Boys Are Back In Nyc! 16.Jul.2010

Chace on setBlake in the rainThe Gossip GirlsBlake on setAnd they will film in rain or shine apparently. The cast was seen parading around in some beautiful outfits despite the showers and steamy Manhattan weather. Blake Lively looked particularly stunning in a dramatic dress but she would look particularly stunning in a garbage bag. Penn Badgley and Jessica Szohr were also seen filming in Queens with a baby carriage. Could it be Dan and Georgina's love child? Oh my. Chace Crawford also managed to still look ridiculously hot while someone followed after him with an umbrella (Leighton held her own umbrella Chace. Why can't you? Hey remember when you got arrested for pot possession this summer? That was funny). Anyway, should be quite a fourth season even sans Taylor Momson (for the first episodes at least. She is too busy pursuing her music). Leighton in the rain