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Are You Ready For Elizabeth Banks And James Franco And Possibly Matt Damon To Be On 30 Rock?!! 21.Dec.2009

Elizabeth BanksThere was something missing from the first six or seven episodes of 30 Rock and it was the lack of star cameos that were so abundant in the 2nd and 3rd season of the show (Steve Martin, Jennifer Aniston, Carrie Fisher, Isabella Rosselini, Edie Falco, Jon Hamm) until finally Julianne Moore showed up to play Jack old high school crush. Now we are hearing that Elizabeth Banks, fresh off her Modern Family cameo, is slated to play Jack's second love interest of the season and James Franco will apparently be playing a version of himself (first a soap opera, now a sitcom and then eventually he will work his way into films). Matt Damon also expressed interest in being on the show and apparently Tina Fey is totally on it. He was great when he guest-starred on Will & Grace a few years back so we know he can do comedy. Matt Damon