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Anna Wintour: The Devil Wears Guinea Pigs 14.May.2007

Anna usually prefers the squab"I knew those stupid birds were more trouble than they were worth. Andre Leon, release the guinea pigs!"*

Long demonized by the PETA folks for wearing and glamorizing fur, Anna Wintour has allegedly taken animal cruelty to new heights. As host and creative muse behind the Costume Institute Gala at the Museum of Modern Art in Manhattan recently, Anna used live peacocks for dramatic effect.

Peacocks, like most wild birds, are not terribly bright or overtly social, and the poor birds just wanted to hide in the bushes below their perches. This, of course, simply wouldn't do, and Anna needed to find a way to not only keep them up on their perches, but in full plumage.

Enter the guinea pig. That's right, guinea pig. fierce predator Natural predator of the peacock and its young, the very presence of these pudgy little rodents was all it took to keep the birds pumped up and perched.

While animal rights groups immediately protested the abusive treatment of the exotic birds, Anna sat unperturbed throughout the event, munching on kitten pop-ems and puppy fingers.

* This is not an actual quote, but couldn't you just hear it?