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No Wonder She's Been Acting Crazy: Is Britney's Boyfriend Cheating With His Former Assistant? 12.Jun.2010

Don't need no stinkin' golf clubIt's always the assistant, right? According to Star Magazine, Britney's once-agent and now full-time boyfriend has been cheating on her from the very start, carrying on a serious long-term relationship with a former employee. Real class act, screwing around on someone who isn't allowed to leave her house or make phone calls unsupervised.

If you believe Star's inside sources, Jason has been shagging some chick named Jessica Steindorff for three years. While Britney has been struggling to live some semblance of a normal life while being kept prisoner in her own house, this piece of shit has allegedly been sneaking around behind her back. He has ingratiated himself into the family, sucking up to Papa as a model mate for his troubled little cash machine - even drawing a commission until only recently - and all the while he may be no better than Kevin Federline.

Star had a little blurb at the bottom of this story about Jason and Jennifer's "recent STD scare" and how he warned her that "a suspicious Britney may try to contact her", presumably a la Elin Nordegren. We've already seen what Britney can do with a patio umbrella; if Jason gave her the clap she'll probably decapitate him. And rightfully so.