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The Switch, Despite The Title, Actually Looks Pretty Good 28.Mar.2010

Jason and JenniferThat is mostly due to the wonderful Jason Bateman and not Miss Jennifer Aniston who owes a lot to America for her last like five films (can we say Bounty Hunter? ). This film was originally called The Baster because it is about a single woman who is desperate to have a baby and instead of trying with her best guy friend, Bateman, who harbors feelings for her instead she picks an amazing sperm donor played by the always lovely Patrick Wilson. Now here is where the fun begins so get ready. Jennifer's character has a party for herself to celebrate her insemination (because of course) and conveniently leaves the canister of sperm in her bathroom (out for people to see. Totally normal) and a very drunk Jason Bateman decides he needs to masturbate right then and there and what do you know? There may have been a sperm switch? Don't you hate it when that happens? Anyway, seven years go by and Jennifer Aniston comes back to wherever she moved from with a child that is pretty much the short version of Jason Bateman. They are both adorable hypochondriacs! And then apparently Patrick Wilson is back as a possible love interest just when Bateman is getting the courage to make a move on Jennifer. Oh my! Who knew sperm could be so fun? ! Watch the trailer!