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Joe Francis Says La Is Burning, Jayde Is An Instigator And Brody Has A Little Peepee 04.Sep.2009

Brody's just jealousInteresting. I think he's got two out of three right, but how on earth would he possibly know the size of Brody's wienie?

Yes, LA is definitely burning. I feel bad for the folks whose houses are in the line of fire (no pun intended). I hope they get it under control before too much damage is done.

Joe Francis talked about the wildfires in LA, too, but not out of any sympathy or concern for the plight of others. He's hoping that it will divert attention from the beating he took last week at the hands of a Playboy Playmate and her Hills douche boyfriend. Nice try, there, Joe. Maybe next week he can talk about Darfur in the hopes that we'll all forget he's a slimy peddler of underage flesh.

There is probably a bit of truth in what Joe says. I think Jayde Nicole did pick a fight - it's not the first time the two have brawled in clubs. And she definitely looks like a nasty little bitch. Evil, evil eyes. I would imagine that Brody Jenner is easily provoked, especially when he's got a few dozen drinks in him. He even looks the type to have ... substandard equipment. That's probably why he likes to rub up on men so much. Was it perhaps a chance encounter between Joe and Brody that makes Nicole hate him so? Whatever the case, I think it's safe to say there are no victims here.