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How The Tables Have Turned: Elin Leaves Tiger Home With Kids For Girls' Night Out 14.Feb.2010

The minute you turn your back ...It's hard to say exactly what's going on in Tiger and Elin's marriage - he's out of sex rehab and back in Orlando, but they're living in separate houses. Elin has called off the lawyers for now, at least until she reads the latest "Tiger cheated in rehab" stories, but she's not wearing her wedding ring and she's basically stomping his guts out every chance she gets. And who could blame her?

I don't think Elin has any plans to reconcile with her f**kaholic husband. His betrayal of her was so enormous, so painfully public. It's really no wonder she chased him with a golf club, and that was over just one mistress. She probably would have killed him if he was around when she heard about the other 30 whores but she couldn't find him. When he knew the shit was going to hit the fan he ran for his life.

And now he wants to reconcile. What, is she supposed to pretend all that whoring around didn't happen? And is he really "cured" of his sex addiction? I doubt it. I've heard he didn't take treatment seriously and was even hostile to other patients. That doesn't bode well for his marriage. Elin probably knows this, too, and is only sticking around for the big bucks. But it looks like the rules have changed - now Tiger's the one stuck home with the kids, and Elin's out clubbing with her girlfriends. Good for her.