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Marley & Me Is A Hit And Jen Takes Off For Mexico With Courtney. Has John Been Dismissed? 31.Dec.2008

Will beg for attentionVery interesting. After all that lovey-dovey shit they were playing in NYC just last week you'd think they'd at least spend the holidays together. But you'd be wrong. John stayed in New York to visit his East Coast peeps for the holidays while Jen flew back to the Left Coast to spend Christmas with her infinitely patient friend, Courtney Cox and her long-suffering husband, David Arquette. Now the In Crowd is said to be flying to Mexico for New Year's, and still no John. Que paso?

Has John fulfilled his contractual obligation? Jen was determined to make Marley & Me a hit, and her publicity machine pulled out all the stops. There were hugs, kisses, swollen tummies, exposed breasts ... Thank God it all paid off and she's finally got a bona fide box office hit. Otherwise she might have to adopt a kid or something.

So what happens now? Will the mismatched duo reconcile yet again? Can they pull this off again for He's Just Not That Into You, or will that hit a little too close to home? Maybe Vince would like to do a cameo; he'll do anything for publicity as long as he doesn't have to hang around that goody-two-shoes again.