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Britney Spears, Gypsy Vagabond: How Long Until K-fed Takes Her Boys Away? Ask Alli. 25.Jul.2007

Looks like Britney has given up her dreams of making a comeback. Instead, she's training to be a fortune teller.

I have a crystal ball, y'all

Of course like any other fortune teller, she can't see her own future. If she could, she'd probably stick her head in the oven.

Psychic powers or no, Britney's gotta be shaking in her shoes these days. First Kevin managed to turn her mother against her. OK, nothing a little disinheritance followed by a good healthy bitch slapping can't fix. In his quest to destroy her and clean out her bank account, Kevin is reaching down low and has enticed the once faithful Alli to become his ally against Britney. The sniveling traitor is said to be providing gobs of evidence that Britney is unfit to care for their children. If all this is true, expect a showdown in court soon.

What is it about Britney that makes people want to f**k her over? First K-Fed, then Mom, and now Alli the drug buddy. Maybe she should be like Angelina and make the hired help sign non-disclosure agreements.