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Olsen Twin Refuses To Cooperate With Authorities In Heath Ledger Investigation: Who Scored The Oxy's? 04.Aug.2008

You'll never get me, dirty coppers!!Well, they had to come from somewhere. He didn't score them on the street - only D-listers get popped for street deals - and he had a 'scrip for the rest of the drugs in his system. MK's bodyguards allegedly arrived before the EMT's - where they doing a sweep of Heath's apartment, ridding it of anything that could be traced back to their boss?

Only one person knows for sure, and she's not talking. Today's New York Post features the startling revelation that Mary Kate Olsen has refused to speak with investigators about Heath's overdose death without immunity from prosecution. Detectives from NYPD and the DEA have spoken to everyone else involved, including Michelle Williams, Heath's ex-babymama. All others cooperated, but MK remains mum.

Does MK have a genuine reason for worry, or is this just more of her neverending quest for privacy? Despite their wealth and celebrity status, neither Olsen troll is a big fan of publicity of any kind. If Heath did in fact get the OxyContin that contributed to his death from MK, however, she's in deep shit. While NYPD allegedly soft-pedaled the Olsen-Ledger connection, the DEA will not. This is not a DUI that can be paid off with a few hours in the stir or a couple of weekends at the soup kitchen. A man died, and justice must be served, if not for Heath's sake, than for Matilda's.