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Are You Ready For Lisa Kudrow On Cougartown?!! 08.Dec.2009

Lisa Kudrow on Cougar TownFirst glimpses of Lisa Kudrow's upcoming guest spot on Cougar Town have been revealed. Lisa plays Jules's (Courtney Cox) mean dermatologist who Jules can't stand but keeps going back to because she gives such good advice. Apparently Lisa didn't want to play Courtney's friend on the show because that would be too repetitive of some other show though I can't think of what show they are thinking about. What's next? Matthew Perry as a love interest? Of couse, he is closer to Courtney's age so that would defeat the purpose of the show. If she plays her cards right I am sure she can get Jennifer Aniston to do a cameo. It would actually be nice if we could keep Jen occupied so she doesn't go and film another lame romantic comedy. The Friends girls