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Wolf In Sheep's Clothing: K-fed Using Custody Of His Sons To Get More Money From Britney 13.Aug.2007

Won't stop 'til he's got it allHe almost had us fooled, but the truth lies in the details, and it's all about dollars and sense - Britney's dollars and her lack of common sense, that is.

Contrary to what his attorney would have you believe, Kevin is not seeking full custody of his sons. He's not looking to rescue them from their wack-a-doodle, lolly-sucking freak show of a mother. He doesn't even want her lollypop stash.

What Kevin wants is more money. His recent court filing indicates he wants to increase custody from 50/50 to 70/30, with him getting most of the custody. Reports are just filtering in that he's had little or no contact with Britney for three months now; in fact, his refusal to communicate with her on even the most basic parenting matters has gotten her ... well, a bit nutty. With increased custody will come increased child support payments. It's not rocket science, people.

To further drive this point home is another request in the court filing, that he wants her to pay his legal bills. He claims his tab is up in the six-figures, and that he doesn't have the funds. I hope the judge in this case has the sense to see through this malarkey and tells him to get a job like any respectable father.