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Madonna For Louis Vuitton: Holy Photoshop! Not A Gristle In Sight 30.Jun.2009

Vuitton is putting us onUm, yeah. Madonna looks beautiful in the new Vuitton ads. She never looked that good - seriously. It's amazing what a little Photoshop can do for a 50-year-old woman with more gristle than a cheap steak.

Where are the granny hands? Where are the sinewy bulging biceps? It looks like they even airbrushed her neck. (That was pretty gristly, too.) This looks nothing like the real Madge. Notice how she's making absolutely no facial expression whatsoever. She looks great, but she doesn't look like Madge. The other shot is of her leaving the Manhattan Kabbalah center with her new daughter, Mercy. I can see why she fell in love with that little girl - she is absolutely adorable. And her new mama looks absolutely fine with little or no makeup. Some people should just learn to accept their age. Giddyup, Mama!