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Matthew Mcconnaughey To Be A Father. How Will He Pick Up The Baby With Those Stumpy T-rex Arms? 16.Jan.2008

Neither is showing just yetHe has trouble just dressing himself - that's why he's always in swim trunks and open shirts - his arms are too short to reach the zipper or buttons.

But his noodle works! Matthew and his girl, Camilla, are the latest to jump on the baby bump bandwagon. Damn, that writers' strike is going to make the population on the left coast just explode. Now they'll have to move out of the Airstream trailer into a real house. Camilla must be thrilled!

It's also good news for all those potheads out there: Don't believe what they say about marijuana messing with your sperm count. If he can make one, so can you, dude.