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The Mtv Movie Awards: Worst Fashion Of The Night. Thank You Lindsay Lohan For Bringing Back The Sequined Bell Bottom Jumpsuit. 07.Jun.2010

Lindsay LohanI was just thinking someone need to bring back bell bottoms and have them attached to a sparkly halter like two-toned jumpsuit. So thank you Lindsay for taking one for the team. Other notable stand-outs were Katy Perry (and why a blue wig? ), Nikki Reed in some weird mod pattern that looked like it was from TJ Maxx and Jessica Biel decided to take the MTV Movie Awards as an opportunity to dress prim in a sheer white frilly blouse and black skirt with a pink belt waist. I believe this was the girl who one year wore like a towel to the awards show. Vanessa Hudgens wore like a nightgown and unfortunately again didn't look as pretty as Zac.Katy PerryJessica Biel