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Happy Birthday, Gay Al. Maybe Star Will Let You Take The Top Tonight. 18.Jun.2007

Endless lovin' Star Jones and her totally owned husband hit the town with a vengeance this weekend to celebrate Al's birthday. I think he's turning 47. How does he stay so young and carefree-looking? Only the boys at the East Village Bath House know for sure.

Don't worry. She's had her shots.

Things have been pretty quiet on the Star and Al front these days. Star, of course, can't get press without showing up uninvited after her days on The View. I heard that she was supposed to have some kind of radio gig a while back, but I don't know if it ever went live. Apparently no one cared enough to report on it. Similarly she was said to have inked a deal for a show on CourtTV; ditto on the non-reportage.

Big Al was a moderately successful investment banker before Star sunk her tentacles into his tender boy flesh, so one assumes they won't go hungry any time soon. But one has to wonder how Al copes, day in, day out, living his sham hetero life while his boys throw rocks up at his window each night, hoping he'll spit out the ball gag and climb down the fire escape. I don't know how much longer I can take this.