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K-fed's New Girl Towers Over Him, Has Criminal Record 28.Dec.2008

She's large and in chargeOh. This must have been what he meant about keeping a certain element away from his sons. She's big. She's tall - about 6'1", I've heard. She's a volleyball player, and they bowl on the same team in their local league. On the surface, it would seem that Kevin has finally found someone to help him raise his sons while their mother is off being the only one with a job, but it looks like this one only knows how to raise hell.

TMZ reports that just last year, Victoria Prince was popped for assault and disturbing the peace. Guess she's a nasty drunk. They had no further details, and the charges were eventually dropped, but that's not Victoria's only brush with the law.

In high school she was such a bully that the parents of her targets actually filed a suit against her. She was even charged for carrying a stun gun on campus and possession of alcohol by a minor (see? nasty drunk!) but somehow the records were destroyed so no one knows exactly what happened. She totally looks the bullying type. Look how she towers over Kevin, and the way he tries to stay out of her reach. He's definitely bitten off more than he can chew this time.