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Blohan Birthday Blowout: Would You Pay $70,000 For Something That Looked Like That? 01.Jul.2009

Sevin Nyne: Putting the hag in haggardThat's right. MGM Grand paid Lindsay 70 grand to hang around the pool all day. Oh, yeah. She had to change her bathing suit five times, and then dance around all night, too. Poor baby. No wonder she looks like ass.

Witnesses say that Lindsay didn't drink on her pre-birthday gig/spray tan promo, but that doesn't mean anything. She looks so strung out; I'm sure she found something else to get her through. She knew she had to tough it out - without Sam cash has been a little tight.

The Grand definitely got the shit end of the deal, though. Lindsay no longer draws the big names - no more Nicole Richies or Hiltons for this washout. The best she could do was Brittny Gastineau, and that's sad indeed. At least she didn't pass out in a stairwell or fall down trying to pee behind a bush like last year.At least she's not orange