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Two And A Half Brain Cells: Naked Drunk Charlie Sheen Gets Rolled By Hooker, Ends Up In Ny Hospital. Some People Never Learn 26.Oct.2010

Earned his crown againAnd he did it with his ex-wife Denise and daughters Sam and Lola in an adjoining room. Chalk up another success story for Promises. Boy, they really know how to cure an addict. Does anyone who goes there stay clean? Holy shit. I mean, really.

But this isn't about Promises, or the Cirque Lodge, or even Betty Ford. This is about Charlie Sheen, perennial bad boy, the guy who can't stay away from the sauce or the powder but can't handle his shit when he does partake. He's surely not alone, in Hollywood or anywhere else, but man, when he makes a mess, it's a doozie. This one starts at $7,0000, the amount of damage he allegedly did to his room at the Plaza. He threw chairs around. He maybe even swung from the chandelier, because that was broken, too. Cops were called to the Plaza around 2:30 am, where they found Charlie naked and incoherent in his bed and an escort locked in the closet. (It was her cries for help that brought them.) Charlie started raging about his wallet being stolen and the cops gave him a choice of jail or the hospital; he chose the hospital. Easier to spin a little sympathy when the shit hits the fan.

And it will. Just yesterday Charlie, Denise and the girls were all over Manhattan, doing the happy family photo ops and Broadway thing. Why on earth Denise even agreed to such a trip when she's gotta know he's not right - she's known him a long time and seen him at his worst - is puzzling at best. Then there's the little probation thing still hanging over his head in Colorado. Team Sheen must be sweating bullets. How are they gonna get away with this one and get another season in the can?