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Disturbed Individual Tila Tequila Says Chris Brown Beat Rihanna Because She Gave Him Herpes 04.Dec.2009

R is for revenge ... retaliate ... rip your guts outWow. That's a pretty strong statement, wouldn't you say? How would Tila the Queef Whore know anything about Rihanna or Chris Brown? I don't recall her ever being anywhere near Rihanna, who is very A-list. Tila is very not.

But this is seriously disturbed girl. She's done the high-profile lesbian thing. She dated a professional athlete until she got nasty drunk and was put out on the curb. She tried to press charges for assault but the cops weren't buying bullshit that day. She even posted a bizarre X-rated film clip somewhere. I didn't see it, but heard something about a tampon string ... retch.

So now this wackadoodle is saying she, and only she, knows the real reason Chris Brown assaulted Rihanna. Claiming her sources work in Rihanna's "legal camp", the little teabagger said, "RIHANNA HAS HERPES, STD'S & WAS SCARED TO SPEAK OUT ABOUT IT CUZ SHE DIDN'T WANT THE WORLD TO KNOW THAT SHE HAS HERPES AND INFECTED SOMEONE ELSE WITH IT!" I dunno. Even if it is true, what right does she have telling this story? It's none of her business. I hope it's not true, though, for Rihanna's sake.