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Oxycodone Pants: Big Brother Winner Uses Prize Money To Fund Drug Empire 20.Oct.2009

See this? That's why all reality shows should be banned: It allows lower life forms to achieve the lifestyle they could only dream of before. I mean, look at the Gosselins. The Kardashians. The Lohans, even.

Big Brother winner Adam Jasinski was popped Saturday night for possession of and intent to sell 2,000 Oxycodone pills. The idiot had them stuffed in his pants. Must have been pretty obvious to airport security, who made the gruesome discovery. Apparently Adam's been pill-pushing up and down the Eastern seaboard since his big win, and was only caught when his connection got busted and squeezed by the cops.

There's no word on how much, if any, of Adam's winnings are still around, or if he will have to forfeit any of it as drug proceeds. And then of course there are the frequent flier miles he racked up - will he lose those, too? He was probably the only reality show contestant to avoid the spotlight after winning; that should have aroused suspicion right there and then.