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Denise Richards Throws Children Under Bus For Ratings Again, Still Loved Only By Her Pets 28.Jul.2008

Getting that sperm sampleOnly a selfish, pathetic bitch would manufacture lewd allegations about her children that could only traumatize them for the sake of ratings. Then again, what could you expect from someone who made a living as a paid receptacle?

Denise's suckish show is tanking. There's nothing she can do to save it because she is a hollow, useless bitch. Planting nasty little stories in the tabloids hasn't helped, her neighbors are trying to force her out but no one will buy her house and her children can't look into her eyes without screaming. OK, I kinda made that last part up, but I don't think it's too far from the truth. Sam and Lola may be too young to articulate their thoughts, but they both know Mommy is one f***ed up bitch.

Just last week Mommy concocted an elaborate mystery crisis requiring immediate court intervention. She went in there with video she claimed Charlie "manipulated the kids and acted inappropriately toward them." Charlie's lawyers got the evidence dismissed by showing their own video of the girls playing normally.

Charlie is said to be furious and planning a civil suit as well as a battle to wrest custody from the evil bitch. A suggestion: With 14 dogs, cats and pigs all living there, the place must be trashed (and smelly). Charlie only needs to bring his own camera crew - and the Board of Health - in there. She loves the animals more anyway.